3 Reasons Why Your Brain Is Craving Meatsa Biltong Varieties

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Do you find yourself suddenly craving biltong from Meatsa? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are plenty of reasons to love biltong and all of its varieties available at Meatsa, but there are likely three main reasons that your brain is craving biltong. Keep reading to learn more or bypass the why altogether and order your favorite flavor now!

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Adventure Fuel

Your brain probably wants more biltong because it’s craving the energy that comes with it! Meatsa products are action-packed with protein to keep you ready for anything and energized all day long. Or, if you snack on Meatsa every time you adventure, perhaps your brain associates the delicious flavor with the fun of an adventure! On top of being packed with protein, biltong has an absolutely incredible flavor that puts beef jerky miles in the rearview mirror. We’re especially fond of the spicy recipe, but all the biltong flavors have something to love!

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All the Good Stuff, None Of The Bad

Another possibility for your brain having a hankering for biltong is the simplicity of it. Biltong from Meatsa doesn’t have any preservatives, MSG, or sugar in it at all. It’s no coincidence that your body feels better and starts to crave healthier foods like biltong when you start to cut out nitrates, sugars, and MSG! Your brain is smart and it loves what’s good for you, which in this case, is flavored biltong snacks from Meatsa!

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Award-Winning Taste & Flavor

The biggest reason your brain is craving Meatsa biltong is probably due to its award-winning flavor. Beef jerky is good and all, but it has absolutely nothing on premium quality biltong. Our biltong is so good it’s practically addictive! If you haven’t tried it already, you absolutely need to experience for yourself the deliciousness that is Meatsa biltong.


Find Your Biltong at Meatsa

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