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Clean Protein Fuel For Your Adventure

Taking a long road trip cross-country? Or maybe you’re going for a casual day hike. Even if it’s just snack time for the family, Meatsa is the perfect choice to fuel your adventure. Not only are Meatsa products like our biltong ultra-portable, but they are also nutritious! Biltong and other Meatsa products help to keep you energized and ready to tackle anything. This is thanks to its high protein content, simple/clean ingredients, and delicious flavor.

No MSG or Nitrates

Unfortunately, some other brands utilize nitrates and MSG in their snack foods. MSG is often used as a flavor enhancer but has been connected to negative effects for the nerves and brain. Nitrates, on the other hand, are a chemical used as a preservative to keep snacks fresher longer. Nitrates, however, can contribute to carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compounds in your body — yikes! At Meatsa, we make it a point to exclude MSG and nitrates. This keeps our products simple, tasting great, and good for your family.

Zero Sugar

It is almost impossible to find a snack these days that doesn’t include some trace of sugar. And at Meatsa, we get it, we love sugar, too. But we also understand that it probably shouldn’t belong in the snacks we feed ourselves to power through a hike or as a snack for our children. Fortunately, Meatsa products like our biltong contain zero grams of sugar. So you can rest easy knowing that you are fueling your body with only the best.


Gluten has been a hot-button topic in the health industry for some time now. But whether you believe that gluten is the enemy or if you’re on board with gluten, everyone can agree when it comes to Meatsa products. Our products are naturally gluten-free, so there’s no need to sweat it!


Taste the Meatsa Difference for Yourself!

At Meatsa, we work hard to create biltong and other simple-ingredient products that you and your family will love. We never include sugar, gluten, MSG, or nitrates in any of our products to ensure the health and quality of foods. Try our biltong or other Meatsa product for yourself today to see the difference for yourself!

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